Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships

Healthy RelationshipsHuman beings have an innate craving to be loved, but so many people do not even know what a healthy relationship even looks like. With divorce so common and television shows that make cheating and infidelity look exciting, it is easy to understand why relationship bliss doesn’t come easy to some people. Our false views combined with lofty, unrealistic hopes are not healthy and do not create a quality foundation for any relationship.



As we strive for success in every aspect of our lives, we need to consider our emotional well-being as a key factor. It certainly is top of the list when creating healthy relationships. When people do not take their own feelings into account, they tend to make their partner responsible for their emotional state, happiness and even their self-worth. In reality our happiness and self-esteem come from how we treat ourselves and others, not from how others are treating us. Part of having a quality relationship with another person is learning to take emotional responsibility for your own emotions, govern them and not blame our partner for our feelings. By understanding this, it is easy to see how we, ourselves, are the ones who effect a relationship. We participate in creating an unhealthy relationship when we are emotionally unstable or simply unaware of our feels.

Healthy RelationshipsOften, relationship health is sacrificed when other factors are brought up and completely misunderstood. If one partner had a rough day at work, is stressed out, under pressure or depressed for reasons completely beyond the relationship, the other partner could feel avoided and unloved. Rather than realizing that the partner’s issues have very little to do with why they are upset, they consume it, take it personally and a rocky relationship develops. Try to look at all things from your partner’s perspective so you can understand the bigger picture, not you’re your own view. That brings us to another key ingredient in a happy relationship – communication.

Listen, truly listen to everything your partner shares with you. Whether they be concern or complaints, listen without judgment. So much of the time, loving someone means being there when they need someone to listen. That alone can be the start of solving their problems and it opens the door for trust and confidence in each other. Learn to solve problems as they arise so things do not fester. The more you communicate and stay open with each other, the healthier the relationship will be and continue to grow. Love is not an absolute and both partners can fall in and out of it with feelings that ebb and flow depending on how you treat each other. Constantly learn from each other and share new ways to interact. Successful, healthy relationships are a journey you can enjoy together.

Most of all, understand just as anything in life, that relationships have their ups and downs. Working together through the toughest times will only make your relationship stronger. It also proves to yourself that you can get through anything and can make other aspects of your life, such as your business, stronger. Maintaining a healthy relationship is all about being better than you were yesterday and striving for a happier tomorrow.