About Kevin

Kevin J. Donaldson is an entrepreneur, life & business coach, and author of 10 Secrets of the New Rich. He teaches people how to overcome adversity and succeed in all areas of their lives. His mastermind group, Real Wealth Solutions, Inc., pursues the advocacy of putting a thriving business in every American home.

Ever since he can remember, Kevin has been interested in showing people how to overcome challenges and adversities while expanding their experiences and potential.  Even as a young man developing his own life and career goals, he habitually found himself supporting others as they made efforts to improve their own lives.  His goals have always centered around encouraging individuals to expand their network, increase their knowledge, develop healthy life skills and ultimately increase their wealth. Kevin truly enjoys helping people become independent and self-sufficient while meeting their financial goals.

As an author of two self-improvement books available on Amazon.com, Kevin has seen countless times what bridging the gap between knowledge and power can do. His in-depth self-help books have inspired people to gain control of their lives and obtain the necessary skills they need to transform their lives.

Kevin has the unique ability to genuinely inspire and motivate others because of the trials he has had in his own life. You’d never guess by the way his life has turned out, but Kevin has not always been the wealthy, successful entrepreneur he is today. Due to a rough home life, he failed third grade twice and even in high school and college was a poor student. With a marriage that only lasted four years and a first business venture that landed him $1.2 million in debt, he knows a thing or two about heartache, hardship and overcoming adversity. His story truly is a rags to riches journey and he is happy to share his secrets with you.

Kevin specializes in free enterprise (5Linx), selling & branding through My Lead System Pro (MLSP) and regularly offers inspirational events to help energize and motivate people into action. Progress is crucial to wealth and success. Kevin believes that the world needs more millionaires and he teaches the proper ways to advance your career quickly and properly. He gives you the tools you need to get to where you want to go. By using the advanced networking tools of MLSP, Kevin shows that one of the ways you can boost your wealth is by simply enhancing your network. By building a thriving network of people in your industry, Kevin demonstrates that becoming successful in your field is as easy as making new friends. He arms those that he coaches with the tools they need to change their lives for the better.

He offers individual and group coaching via live web conference to provide excellent training for individuals all over the world. Most of all, the truths he teaches are long-lasting and timeless. They relate to any industry and fit into any field. Much of what he teaches won’t just improve your career but also your personal relationships and your overall sense of well-being.

Kevin currently resides in Brooklyn. When he is not writing, coaching or inspiring others, he enjoys traveling and watching his favorite sports teams.